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Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination for people worldwide.  The small Central American nation is home to incredible biodiversity and rich culture.  The current ministries and partners in Costa Rica are just as diverse, existing in the heart of the main city of San Jose to the outskirts of La Fortuna at a local Christian camp.  From working with the local Ticos to the indigenous tribes such as the Bribri people, there is much to be done. 

Even though this wonderful country is well known by its natural wealth, there are communities filled with poverty, drugs, and prostitution. From short-term trips to opportunities to serve for longer periods of time, our ministry partners provide multiple ways to serve the people of Costa Rica


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youth camps

Partnering with a locally run youth camp to bring Jesus to the kids of Costa Rica and Bribri indigenous tribe.

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Partnering with local pastors to bring hope to the communities in Costa Rica.



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One of my favorite things about being the leader was seeing each team member be so intentional with the people that came in their path. This girl in particular, Maite came in with her brothers to get her eyes checked but because she didn’t make an appointment the day before with the pastor, she had to wait a bit. As hours went by, each team member sat with her, played with her, talked with her as she got in line for glasses, and prayed with her before she walked out of the building. I feel like I was the last person to encounter her...



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