Join us in Los Anonas, Guatemala! Pastor Ronnie and the Rock Church Tool Belt Team have invested in the small Community of Las Anonas outside Guatemala City for over 10 years. This is a very poor community. Most families are living in homes built with palm tree branches, cardboard, plywood, rock or whatever they can find to make walls and a roof. The floors are dirt and they cook on an open fire inside the hutted home. Some have water, but most have to carry water to their homes. 

DATES: DECEMBER 2nd - 12th 2019

COST: $1700



In the past the Rock Tool Belt team has built steel framed insulated homes with windows and doors for widows and their children and a pastor and his family. They've partnered with medical teams, providing cast-iron fire stoves inside the hutted homes. This past year the team started a Medical Center Building. This trip the goal is to complete the Medical Center Building and possibly have a “Making Disciple’s that Make Disciple’s” Men’s Conference. Over the years many men, women, and children have come to the Lord in this community through the testimonies of the men and sharing the gospel in the local churches in the evenings. Having a medical facility that they can go to will be huge for this community and save many lives!