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From monkey temples to rural mountain villages, waterfalls to crowded dusty streets, and spiritualists to the impoverished this trip is filled with the adventure of experiencing the multidimensional flavors of Nepal.  Curry and milk tea will fuel your journey as you pour your attention on a county that is in need of physical and spiritual help.

DATES: OCT. 12th - 23rd 2019


MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES: Indigenous village outreach // katmandu outreach

We will adventure into breathtakingly beautiful mountain villages where some have never seen white skin.  In the village of Sekari, we are invited back for another year to minister in schools to share stories, play games, and color with children living in impoverished circumstances.  We will once again host medical clinics where people will often walk hours to come and see a physician.  Many of these people simply needed “rare” aspirin to which we can readily supply.

Back in the bustling city of Kathmandu we work with a small girl’s home housing about 12 orphans, most of who were displaced from their families after the earthquake.  We hosted a royal tea party for the girls which included princess dresses, tiaras, necklaces, ice cream and stories of the gospel.  It was an indescribable joy investing into the identity of a countries daughters, reminding them that they are not orphans but daughters of the King. 

As we build homes, treat and mend the people, teach and play with the children, we share the spirit of a living God who cares deeply about the culture and livelihood of the Nepali people.  Come join us 2018 on an amazing adventure of serving this unique and precious culture.  As we return to these remote villages and city children’s homes we invite you to engage with the Father’s heart and love people past your limits.