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Oaxaca, Mexico

The beautiful state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico is home to many communities that remain unreached by the Gospel. Pastors Francisco & Naomi Villasenor felt called by God to help change that. In 2015, they moved to Oaxaca leading a team of Rock missionaries to launch “Impacto” – a discipleship and ministry school similar to Rock School of Ministry. To date, Impacto has seen five generations of Mexican ministry leaders graduate and thousands of people respond to the Gospel!


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Training and equipping the next generation of Mexican ministry leaders.

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Bringing practical assistance and sharing the Gospel with remote, unreached communities.



Uniting churches to serve their community together through large festivals.


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Vamos Con Todo. It means, “Let’s go with everything.” Everything that we are, and everything that we have. Pastor Gustavo from Juchitán, Oaxaca will playfully use this saying at the monthly Pastors meetings, and shout it out. The result is, most of the other pastors crack a big smile or begin laughing. But the truth is is that Pastor Gustavo actually tends to operate this way.

With Everything.

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I needed a taxi, and after the fourth time of being told there wasn’t anything available the fifth time was a charm. Finally, a taxi pulled up to my house and the first thing I noticed was the driver. He was in his late 40’s with piercings covering his eyebrows and lips. His arms were full of tattoos about death while he had bracelets and a huge necklace with the image of Santa Muerte.

As we began the drive, the small talk emerged and I told him about what I do and where I am from. I told him about the discipleship school that I serve at named Impacto. After the usual small talk I asked him,

“Do you believe in God?”…


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