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Story Continued…

He responded with, “No, I worship La Santa Muerte, because she has protected me when I almost died three times. I was a very dedicated Catholic and I used to be a cop but I fell into drugs and alcohol. I lost my family; my wife and my kids left me. I have an altar in my house for La Santa Muerte and I thank her and pray to her because she protects me.”

“Why do you worship someone that is dead? Because when something or someone is dead, they’re dead. They can’t help you or do anything for you because they again are dead.” I let out a snicker and he looked at me thoughtfully and asked,

“And your God, where is his image?”

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I smiled, “My God, the God I worship is not an image that you hang on your wall. And he is not made by human hands. He is a real and living God, a God of life. God has used his creation to show us who he is.”

He had never heard of Jesus or God, he had never heard what Jesus did for us.

As I shared more about Jesus he started to cry.

“Can I pray for you?”

He said yes and as I began to pray he opened his hands and bowed his head in complete reverence to the Living God! After we prayed his face had completely changed, it mirrored peace because for the first time in his life he had just met and encountered the love of God.

We ended our time together with a few more shared words and then we parted ways.

Jesus loves Oaxaca so much; he is winning hearts here one by one.