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Vamos Con Todo! It means, “Let’s go with everything.” Everything that we are, and everything that we have. Pastor Gustavo from Juchitán, Oaxaca will playfully use this saying at the monthly Pastors meetings, and shout it out. The result is, most of the other pastors crack a big smile or begin laughing. But the truth is is that Pastor Gustavo actually tends to operate this way. With Everything.

Back in August of 2018, IMPACTO, our school of ministry located in Oaxaca, had a “guys” trip to the Istmo region. The purpose of the trip was to connect with Pastor Gustavo about having 2 potential festivals. We were considering his pueblo, La Venta, and a larger city, Juchitán, as possible sites to reach the locals with the Gospel.

Since August 2018 to now May 2019, IMPACTO has had several trips to Juchitán. We’ve hosted a Leadership Conference, had several short term mission trips, developed partnerships with several Pastors and their churches, strangers have become family, and in December 2018 we hosted “Festival de IMPACTO” in Juchitán.

We saw firsthand, The Lord uniting the body of Christ through love and good works. Doors began to open with government officials, ministry leaders were reaching out for help, preaching opportunities were opening up. There was this wave of grace and favor that we were moving in, and are still moving in.

God really used the festival in Juchitán to inspire and encourage the local Pastors to Do more, and to Do something! They saw God reach over 4000 people through our small ministry, and they began to talk amongst themselves. They had never seen anything like it in their city. Recently the local churches have been doing more together. Such as city-wide outreaches, clean up projects and prayer nights.


Pastor Gustavo recently took the initiative to host a festival in his pueblo that duplicated what we do at our festivals. This is huge! He is the first pastor to catch the vision of reaching people through an outreach festival that can impact whole families! Gustavo motivated the church in La Venta  through prayer meetings, door to door evangelism, assigned leaders to take responsibility for their own evangelism groups. The whole church was following the lead of Pastor Gustavo as he was walking in his “Vamos Con Todo” attitude. IMPACTO was asked to help with several of the elements at the festival as well as logistical strategies. We gladly said “yes” as we came alongside of what God was doing, and is doing, in that pueblo. We saw a whole church united, and in agreement to reach people in their pueblo that have never made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. It was so encouraging to watch them joyfully serve with one another!

These next few months I’ll be making several trips to Juchitán for monthly Pastor’s meetings and to form plans with the local pastors along with their churches. We’ll be developing strategies to evangelize their communities, disciple current believers, and prepare for Festival de IMPACTO 2019 in Juchitán. We’re praying that more pastors, like Gustavo, get motivated to Do something together, to win souls to Christ, and to empower the local church body to be doers of the word, not just hearers. We’re praying that the other pastors would also have the “Vamos Con Todo” mindset.

Pray for Oaxaca!