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It was in 2018 that God made it clear to me what he wants me to be doing with this life he gave me: to love and serve exploited women and children. This desire he gave me partnered with my love for other cultures led me to start asking if missions was where he wanted me. Through prayer and fasting I was led straight to a short-term mission trip to Nepal with Believers World Outreach. It was during this trip that I saw this country's great need for Jesus. This year I am going with BWO again but this time I am staying for 6 months. While there I will be doing outreach to 3 different people groups while volunteering 40 hours a week with a company who employs women at risk of human trafficking called Beauty for Ashes. The following people groups are at the heart of my mission:

At Risk Women

  • 7,000 women are trafficked to India from Nepal yearly and this is only the documented cases.

  • 234,600 Nepalis are estimated to be living in modern slavery. 95% of victims are female.

  • Desperation leads many women to work in dance bars or other jobs that put them at high risk of being sent to other countries such as India and Qatar to be trafficked for sex or domestic servitude. 

At Risk Children

  • It is estimated that between 12,000 to 15,000 girls between ages 6 to 16 are trafficked each year from Nepal to India.

  • More than 250,000 Nepali girls are forced into the Indian sex trade where prostitution is legal. 

  • Civil wars and the 2015 earthquake left many boys homeless in the slums where they are led into gangs and drug use. 

People with Leprosy

  • God’s precious children with leprosy are abandoned by their families and deemed untouchable or polluted by society because of the caste system.

  • As of 2010 the dominant religion in Nepal is Hinduism at 80.7% with Christianity being less than 1%. Many people are cast out of society due to circumstances out of their control.

 While in Nepal I will be joining Calvary Chapel Bible College on their outreaches to the children in the slums of Kathmandu and to a leprosy colony. While volunteering for Beauty for Ashes I will be learning valuable skills to further my calling to help empower women in human trafficking.

If you feel pulled to help with this cause any and all prayers are welcomed. Financially the total amount needed for this trip is $8,100, which will cover ministry supplies, emergencies, food, housing, and transportation.