rock church global outreach partner


During the last 25 years, God has shaped Radooga as a high-quality, innovative and cutting-edge evangelistic ministry. Inspired by the vision to change the country by reaching and shaping youth for Christ, we create high-quality events where up to 98% non-churched participants become friends with 100% Christian staff. In a culture where there’s a huge gap between the atheistic majority and the 2% protestant population, where traditional ways of evangelism don’t work, creating an evangelistic platform proves to be the new way to lead people to meet Jesus. The Good News is shared through building friendships. Instead of limiting evangelism to the stage, we put it the hands of 100% Christian staff.

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine



COST: $500 + Airfare

INTERNSHIP: Make the most of your summer and gain unforgettable, life-changing experiences while serving cross-culturally around the globe. Radooga Ministries has one of the top 5 camps nationwide where 98% of campers are non-churched, and for many of them, JAMMglish is their first opportunity to interact with Evangelical Christians. We are offering a 10-day internship at JAMMglish to use your English language and your passions, to impact the next generation of leaders in Ukraine. Since English is the drawing card for non-Christian youth to come to camp, English will be spoken often during camp. Interpreters will be working closely with you in carrying out the camp program and assisting you during your personal interaction with campers. They will also perform as counselors. You will be teaching 2 classes of English a day and equipping students in accomplishing daily tasks + leading a master class in one of 5 areas. Although most of your relationships with Ukrainian students will be built in the process of you performing your immediate responsibilities at camp, you are highly encouraged to spend your free time strengthening your friendships with campers to help them see Christ through you. While God will be working in the lives of those you serve, you personally will experience Him like never before!


  • Mature Christian

  • Native English Speaker

  • Leader

  • Must be Flexibile

  • Strong Communication Skills

  • Self-Motivated

  • Optional: Some Experience in Leadership, Business Development, Management, Marketing, Media, Arts, Architecture, Theatre, Sports, and Teaching